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DUSTIN A. SKLAVOS, Writer/Director/Producer/Editor
Formally educated at the University of California, San Diego, Dustin is principally responsible for the projects started at Skeleton Crew. He currently works as a professional technology writer for AnandTech while forming films within Skeleton Crew. Thus far, all of our films and series have been written and directed by him, and he designed this site. You can see his personal site at

MYOUNG-HEE KIM, Assistant Director/Producer/Production Coordinator
Formally educated at the San Francisco State University, Myoung-Hee does the lion's share of actual work in arranging Skeleton Crew productions. She's responsible for location, casting, organization, and all general administration, and remains the backbone of the entire operation. If you've been in touch with us, odds are good you've been in touch with her. She currently manages the Casa Serena eating disorder clinic in Concord, CA.
TOMORROW'S MAN, Composer/Sound Editor
Formally educated all over the place, Christopher Albanese, aka Tomorrow's Man, has produced the music for Sleep, SleeplessChannel Zero, and the revised cut of H. Outside of Skeleton Crew, he works as a writer, poet, and musician. His soundtrack to Sleep is available on iTunes along with many of his other tracks. You can see his personal sites at and
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